WE Simply Made is a small business based in St. Peters, Missouri founded with the mission of creating natural, affordable self-care essentials. The logo needed to be straightforward and clean, just like the products and the brand. Nothing too wild or gender specific - the line was designed to be full of calming, unisex products, appealing to a wide range of consumers. 

I stuck to a black and white color palette for the brand because since much of this brand was still developing including the the product line, we wanted to have a color palette that was unisex but did not include the normal browns or tans of most “natural” type products. We wanted high contrast, simplicity, and variability for colors and other design elements to be added based on the product. The font, Caviar Dreams offered a clean, charming character to the brand and the addition of the handwritten font, Montrose, helped add dimension and visual interest to the product labels to make them more desirable.

The next piece of the product launch was figuring out a strategy to market this up-and-coming small business creatively and inexpensively. With limited product availability and a small starting consumer base, we found that Etsy seemed to be the best way to handle the e-commerce side of things. I built out a simple website where potential customers could read the story behind the products and linked to the Etsy storefront to make purchasing and fulfillment easy. 

Throughout building this business, I also helped with vendor coordination, including pricing and timing discussions, and sample review for product labels, and advised on primary and secondary packaging specifications.

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