Tiny Superheroes is an incredible organization that provides handmade capes to kids battling illness or disability. However, sometimes the siblings or other supporters in the family might get overlooked as attention and care is devoted to the child most in need. This campaign gave recognition to the committed sidekicks of Tiny Superheroes. We designed social media posts, a landing page supporting this special period of fundraising, dubbed the "Sidekick Campaign, and “mission card” inserts with fun activity prompts for the super duo to complete together.


The printed mission cards were included in subscribers’ monthly mailers to raise awareness about this new campaign and to bolster brand engagement and affinity. To help fundraisers gain more awareness and support, we created social media templates they could use to share their campaign progress and post  #sidekickstories using their own photos but keep the TS brand in the forefront.

The landing page was designed to match the existing brand aesthetic - clean, friendly and easy to navigate. The page highlighted the mission of the Sidekick Campaign, instructions on how to execute a successful fundraiser, and an animated donation widget. 

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