During my summer internship with the AdClub STL Intern Hop, I spent 1 week each at 8 different marketing agencies and was tasked with a unique challenge at each stop. In the last week of our internship, the team was given the assignment of planning and promoting 12 Foot Beard’s Pop Up Party on August 2.


Coming in that Monday and having to design, print, cut and trim elements for Thursday's pop up party was going to be a challenge like we had not faced at any other of the agencies.

With only 2 days to promote, we created 2 posts. We adapted their distinct brand voice and visual identity to create social media posts and printed assets to promote and decorate the event. Twitter and Instagram featured one set of copy while Facebook’s was altered in order to better fit the platform. In order to further spread awareness of this event on short notice we rapidly designed and printed posters and invitations to hand-deliver to other ad agencies and friends we had met throughout the summer.


For our on premise location, to accompany the witty, direct voice of the brand, we created "Whiskey Rules" and "Bathroom Jokes" cards to be placed on tables and in the restroom to ensure everyone in the office was aware of the pop-up. 


This experience was especially unique for me, coming from a background of both design and final production of files, I was excited to be able to see our designs and concepts through. The Pop-up party was a success. With over 40 attendees of those within the agency but also a good percentage of those who we invited and a couple who happened on the event and loved to check it out.

Copywriter: Lexi McCarthy

Photographer: Marrissa Scully

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